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Greenhouse in the livingroom

Oppdatert: 28. mar. 2019

When you`re not patient enough to wait for the spring and can`t wait to get the vegetable plants going, then the rarely used part of the livingroom is the only option in our home.

Some seeds arrived in the mail from helpful tourists, some seeds were picked out from cucumbers and tomatoes bought at the convenience store, and then quite a few seeds from the local garden center.

We were told, that in order to make a good result, we would need the right light, UV light for plants, which we also purchased at Gartner Hagen (the garden center).

It was just rediculous how fast things started growing, it was inspiring to watch. We started the project in mid January

(too early to some?), and now we are doing whatever we can to avoid the plants from breaking due to its own height and weight. We`ve counted app 30 baby cucumbers devided on 5 plants so far, and the one at the image above, is by far the biggest of them all. We hardly dear to touch it, what if it falls off?? Anyway, we can hardly wait for it to grow big and juicy. It is funny how rewarding just simple things like growing cucumbers in the livingroom is. What are we going to do with it? Just eat it as it is? Make pickles? Stay tuned!

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